July 28, 2012


Editors note: I am exhausted and working on a bare minimum amount of sleep. So pardon this blog if there are types and times when it makes absolutely no sense. :) 

We are finally in Freeport! We left Shipshewana for Chicago O'Hare around 10 p.m. Shipshewana time after many tearful goodbyes, Emmy included. Our flight departed O'Hare and we arrived in Philadelphia around 9 a.m. From there, we flew out to Freeport and arrived around 12:30 p.m.

I handled the flights pretty well I must say. Plus, they were smooth flights, so that certainly helped (Thank you US Airways!).

Not to mention these amazing views from flying into Grand Bahama Island. Those turquoise waters are calling my name.

The Freeport airport is what you might except for a small island airport. Certainly very welcoming.

We even managed to get all of our luggage! So after an easy process going through customs, we had a very nice woman from Ross pick us up and take us to Sunset. Unfortunately, our apartment isn't ready yet, so they have put us in another empty apartment until its ready. We are hoping to be in there before noon tomorrow. We certainly need to unpack and get ready for everything to come.

So, after not having access to our apartment, and having no idea where to get food or groceries, we were feeling at quite a loss for what to do for dinner, plus we are just so exhausted, we don't really feel like going out anywhere to explore.

But, we did know that the grocery store is not too far from our apartment, so we asked our landlord how to get there. His response was such an answer to our prayers! He said simply and warmly, come with me. And led Matt and I to his car where he drove us to the grocery. He also showed Matt the way to get to campus. He dropped us off at the grocery and told us he would be back to pick us up in 25 minutes. How absolutely wonderful! He has offered to show us around a bit more tomorrow after we had a chance to rest. It is such a relief to be in a place where we can feel comfortable and have genuinely nice people here to welcome us to our new home for four months.

Plus - extra bonus! We get the NBC news station from Florida! You know what that means?! My inner news nerd can still watch the Today Show. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to that for sure.

I'll be sure and post more pictures of Freeport, and our actual apartment once we get in and unpacked.

A huge thank you is owed for all of the well-wishes, support, words of encouragement and prayers. They were certainly felt during our trip.

We miss you all already!

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