July 27, 2012

And we're off..

This will be our last post before we leave! Yikes!

We've strategically packed and weighed our suitcases - (49.5 pounds!) two each, plus two carry-ons.

We'll turn our phones off once we arrive in Freeport, but will have access to the internet before then. Hopefully. So we'll be able to update you with photos!

Prayers for safe/anxiety-free travels will be much appreciated!

On another note, all of the rain we've got has been such a blessing. It has been such a drought, so we are certainly grateful for whatever amount of rain we do get. However, this little pup is not excited about the storms.

My sweet little Emmy is terrified of storms - shaking, panting and a few piddles here and there. Poor girl! So, when it does storm, I get a scared, shaking puppy under my desk. I sure will miss that.

See you in the Bahamas!


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