July 16, 2012

Snoring, Pretzels and Beanie Babies

Matt and I are getting settled here in Shipshe for the next couple of weeks. (For all of the non-locals - Shipshe is 'local slang' for Shipshewana.). We're staying with my parents until we fly out July 28! Two weeks - ahhh! Matt's going to LaPorte this week to see his friends and family, and then visiting his brother up in Michigan next week. I'll still be working, so I'll be here!

We're all getting settled and used to being here together - that includes Emmy. Here's a glance at her giving my mom 'the look' when mom tries to sit in Emmy's chair. How dare she?!

As I said, I'm still working, so we set up an additional desk in the den for my office space. Matt is still finishing up a paper, so he's taken over as well. Here's a look at our comfy 'office' for the next couple of weeks.

Yes - you are seeing correctly. That IS a Beanie Baby in the top, right corner. I know, I know, it's NOT in a protective case so it's getting dirty. But have no fear, we do have the plastic tag protector on it, so it won't bend and lose the value completely. Oh the nineties.. 

You'll also notice Emmy sleeping soundly next to my desk. That's where she was most of the day. And let me tell you, her snoring was out of control.  And I thought Matt was bad....

But one look at that face, and its all over. Love it.

For lunch, Matt and I went to a staple here in Shipshewana - Jo Jo's Pretzels. Whole wheat pretzel with a fountain Dt. Vanilla Coke. All. You. Need.

Take a bite of this Auntie Ann.  

Then this afternoon, Uncle Matt took Landon to the park. I'm not sure who had more fun. Bonus - they made sure take plenty of pictures for Aunt Mimi!

Big day tomorrow! Really looking forward to turning 21....again.

We're fairly ready for the move, just have some major shopping to do, then packing all over again. We're just trying to enjoy this two weeks as much as possible, without getting too many grey hairs!


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