July 29, 2012

Welcome to Our Humble Abode

We are finally moved in and unpacked! We've had a bit of wait to get into our actual apartment since arriving in Freeport, but the landlord here at Sunset Lodge has been nothing but wonderful! 

Since our apartment wasn't ready, they put us in a spare apartment until we could move in. It was going to take a bit longer than planned to get into our original apartment, so they worked out it so we could switch apartments and move in to a different one. They even helped us move our luggage! Like I said, they have been nothing short of wonderful.

Since we didn't have a key and entrance to the security gate, we didn't get to do much sightseeing. We haven't even been to the beach yet! Needless to say, we are relieved to get all moved in and secured so we can get settled in and eventually venture out!

However, we did find a drug store, gas station and KFC all within walking distance. Woo! We tried the Bahama soda - Pretty good!

So this blog post will be mainly photos of our apartment for those of you who wish to see a brief tour.

Our Kitchen
Dining Room

Living Room
Don't let the couch fool you, it isn't near as comfortable as it looks.
Our balcony is off the living room!
 Second Bedroom/Office

Master Bedroom
Got to have our wedding photos up there!
And my sweet Emmy!
The other looks the same, so I didn't think you needed two photos. :)

Outside of Sunset

This was a random 'before' photo of the bedroom! Lots of clothes...

And here is our view.. Not too shabby!

Hope you enjoyed:) And hopefully we'll see you soon!

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