July 14, 2012

Bye Bye Indy

Today we packed up and moved out of our apartment in Indy. It still seems like not too long ago I moved out of this small town to the big city to take on a new adventure. Now, I'm moved back, getting ready to take on another big adventure.

Indy is where Matt and I met, where we made life-long friends, and where we made our first home together. You've been a great city, Indy, and a part of us will always be there.

Many, MANY thanks is owed to our family and friends for helping with the big move today - especially in the sweltering summer heat. Here's a look at what the day entailed.

Made sure to label all of my belongings!
Taping up our final box.

The loading begins.
We thought we'd take him, too!

Check out that view.


The best little helper. Notice the sweat? He really did work hard!
And of course we had to have a little fun.

And after a full day of packing, and then traveling for three hours just to unload it all, this is how we all feel....

So now, we have two weeks until we leave for Freeport. I'm sure these will be the fastest two weeks. So we'll spend this time with our families and celebrate my birthday on the 17th! Take note!


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